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Pictures of class skills are required for our new wiki!
please answer this thread with your c
lass skill picture from class change window or skill list within your game's interface!

perfect! one class is down!
i will have to work with my warlock once i am around again!
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Ranger Class Skills


1. Penetrate Arrow (Upgrade II at lv80)
2. Critical Shot
3. Gale Arrow 4. Storm Arrow (Upgrade II at lv80)
5. Breakdown Arrow (Upgrade II at lv80)
6. Fatal Arrow (Upgrade II at lv80) 7. Backstep
8. Invisible Shot
9. Fanaticism 10. Shot Arrow
11. Double shot

1. Long Bow Mastery
2. Light armor mastery
3. Spirit Enhance
4. Precise Shot
5. Chain reaction mastery
6. Job reaction mastery
7. Glory of ranger
8. Passion of ranger



IA Follow Through
IB Swallowshot
IC Wind Arrow

IIA Breakdown Combo
IIB Impulse Wave
IIC Binding Arrow

IIIA Down Burst
IIIB Ice Needle
IIIC Burst Shot


I Solid Arrow
I Spirit Arrow
I Spirit Blessing

II Footwork
II Evade

- Unfortunately I could not create screenshots of Double Shot and Fanaticism without an Upgrade since I had upgraded them already (the default versions have an Effect duration of 12 seconds instead of 18 seconds).
- I also can't see second upgrades yet (completion of the second class change at level 80 is required).
- I also discovered that I had the fluff text disabled for all screenshots (the background text that doesn't include any numbers or rules) >< If you need the fluff text, too, then I can do a new set of screenshots.
- Screenshots of Upgrade I options show the level of the skill that I currently have learned at character level 64, not the max level of the skill. All other screenshots show the max level of the skill (with stats based on my character's level and bonuses).
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