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Morai: the place where you get most of PVE content.
World Map: The General Virtual Geographical Place for All home and default cities from all races.

Bounty Hunter [BH]: Rather a definition which indicates the meaning of dungeon run under specified level scale

Flow Silver Palace [FSP]: Run for rank 8 materials, guild rewards, free reputation points and all sorts.
Endless Universe [EU]: Morai runs where you get one of important chests and likely level 100+ skill books for different classes
Nirvana [NV]: It can be referred as instance of old runs where you earn uncanny and rapture.
Nirvana[NV]: Nirvana is a reference to Nirvana Gear which you can craft from the forges on 2 different tiers 1st cast and 2nd cast.

First Cast: [First Tier]
Second Cast: [Second Tier]
Third Cast: [Third Tier]
Reforge/Re-arm/Reshape: may refer to randomizing the whole stats set or certain stat in certain scale like 1~10 magic
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