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Tired of how lost you are from the beginning of the game and people push for the quits? Tired of begging the factions to lead you yet you are unable to find out what you should in the whole concept of game mechanics and features? Worry no more. Here we will put for you the chess pieces and show you the way that no leader or faction ever offered you a bargain for it. We will be adding many different links and steps we used to guide in every different MMO using blogger with priorities. Especially in MMO like Loddoss. Even you as newbie will be respected as full fledged player excluding the world chat invalids they consider even their selves as "invalid scraps". Let's do it one step after another like baby footsteps.

[Character Improvisations]

A. Builds
You must know how to grow your character's stats to be efficient in both PVP & PVE fields. You can read all about it [here]

B. Leveling-up
1. Newbie
You must reach at least level 20 via celestial vale then look for Faction with most influential experience, Good language, With members that help each other and finally avoid the duds, Non-factored and obstructive factions like described [here].

2. Returner
If you are above level 20-30 then ignore celestial vale quests and keep it for rebirth one.

Both newbie and returner must follow the sequence of leveling up [here] by the strategy of quest-line [here] and in order to follow the Quest Line of a current chapter or series you have to follow PWI Anecdote like told [here]. However, you must follow the reference here regarding reawakening via Ancient Tome [here]

C. Skill books
They are important as you need to learn their varieties at different levels. In [here] we can say learn as long as you have spirit and good source for funding.

D. Gearing
It is viable stance which diverse between the 2 concepts of gearing. The free to play course & the premium course

The Free Course:
Get morai gear set level 100 for PVE concept then fund yourself from different sources.

The Premium Course:
Craft Third cast nirvana or get directly to purchase a pre-made gear from other players around 30m-40m If Twilight version or 40-50m if lunar version. That is how they really worth.

You can read the difference of all gears and difficulty [here]

E. Economics
They are important as you need to learn skills, craft/purchase gears and manage repair fees. Well fashion should be your last priority. Coming around economics we have 2 tiers as well

Newbie Tier:
You can always get the economics the way the free player does and here your [Errand]. Always make sure to hunt all promotion codes. It will ease the difficulty and your growth numerous times reliant on the generosity of game staff.

Premium Tier:
All happens through the cash for your betterment of being the best player, you should spend as less as you can and only spend in the right place especially if it has spent on gear expense. You can read [here] how to do that.

Professional Tier:
Crafts, trades, newbie tier measures and premium measures. Knowing trade makes you the master. It is only for those who plan for permanent stay or come backs for different periods. Commission shop is the best system yet the most expensive to use. You need also to join the most important events like cross nation war and you can read that [here] as well including game server timezone.

F. Mastery
Now that you are at the final stage you will need to get the missing. They go as following
Tomes [To craft end tome at no expense with no scams]
Warsoul Gem [To help when acquiring Rank 8]
War Avatar Cards [To base your build with]
Best Strategies [To stop complaining generally]

[Influence & Leadership]
You can read the following:
Factions [To create your own or join best of them]
Rated Factions [To avoid the worst and join the best based on your trust to our guide-line]
Affairs [To learn from our experience and to have your answers to any question related to us]
Interactions [To avoid all obstructive interactions that may lead to your demise or waste of your time]

We're pulling our focus on this post for PW so stay tuned for future updates and references!
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