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Following quest line by priorities:

1- Equipment Awards:
Available Choices: [Recommended: Quest Gear.]
[A) Rank Gear "Below Rank 8 Gear" - B) Quest Gear - C) Dungeon/Mold Gear - D) Twilight Gear]

2- EXP Awards
Daily Quests: [A Must Priorities ]
[A) Crazy Stones - B) Bounty Hunter - C) Phoenix Valley]

1- EXP Awards [The Quickest Approach is using Morai but recommended to Leave for LVL95+]
One Go Quests: [A) Morai Quests: ONE MILLION EXP + - B) Cultivation Quests]
Daily Quests [A) Bounty Hunter - B) Phoenix Valley]
Temporal Daily Quest [A) Reflection System B) Divine Emissary]

2- Equipment Awards: [Recommended: Morai as quick approach but stable approach is Twilight Temple Gears]
[A) Morai Quests: 5 pieces of gear via prestige supplied in every NPC of Different Order - B) Forges: Twilight Temple Gears - Lunar Gears]

Equipment: [A) Unique weapons at Divine Emissary B) Packs/Events Luck Gear by PW Agent]

1- Equipment Awards:
Available Choices: [Recommended: R8 2nd cast as constant Nation Wars runs approach but Nirvana as for few Nation Wars runs approach]
[A) Nirvana - Twilight Temple Gear 2nd Cast Or Nirvana - Lunar Glade Gear 2nd Cast B) Rank 8 Gear 2nd Cast]

2- EXP Awards: [A) Phoenix Valley B) Bounty Hunter LVL100]

General Flow of Dailies
Bounty Hunter -> Divine Emissary -> Phoenix Valley -> Morai Order [Hourly Quest First to report then Emissary Quests second to report]
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