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Gold Coins funding sources:

Homestead: Selling Gear tier 17 materials worth small amount of money via vendor shops.

Trading: Exchange the prices by purchasing item at very low price and resell for high price that meets the criteria of average price and quantity that is demanded for it using world chat calls or vendor or commission shop.

Craft: Find something you can use your crafting skills for and sell with reasonable price so you can sell it quicker than anyone else.

Warsong: Run multiple runs with high level players and demand the molds to craft at no level requirement the 3rd cast nirvana sets for other players but make sure to keep good reputation otherwise your efforts are in vain. If you are the one who can solo the run then it is your advantage to earn Essence of Offense and sell it as well.

Lunar: Must be funded with good amount of money to run squad runs that cost around 3 million coins per run to earn Essence of defense at the end of run by last boss vile version.

Master Bounty Hunter: A source for errand in both Rank 8 materials and lucky pouch coin cards that can drop multiple and will help you to earn huge sum of points in faction base to even your odds when purchasing items from faction base.
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