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Nation General
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Creating a Faction
Fee: 100,000 Coins
Location: Faction Supervisor, East Archosaur (572, 656). There they will be prompted to select a name for the faction.

Upgrading a Faction
Member Limit: 50

Member Limit:100
Fee: 2,000,000

Member Limit: 200
Fee: 10,000,000
Disbanding a Faction
Occurs only at FactionLV1 No More but it is recommended to keep to alternative characters or to users that will make usage of it
Diplomacy Policy
Fee: 3 MILLION to make alliance with other Faction via diplomacy policy.
You can as set diplomacy to war as well with rivals you want to settle in-game non-personal disputes which are relevant to game style differences only otherwise you may really rough-up your situation with The Staff whenever reported.

Faction Logo
Can be submitted from Faction Logo submission page via arc site in any supported browser or on arc-client, Developers take scheduled process to add logo that may take a full month.

You can always send us inquiry to make your own logo under fair price with our freelancing service and you are to have decent logo that is suitable to your Faction.

To send us inquiry, Visit our official site or shivtr site or any relevant social layers.

Faction Base
Through Faction base manager or supervisor in any home city for any race
Contract: Notes [300Million coins as in 10 Million Big Notes x30]
Contract: Stone [Through loyalty stone which can be provided in boutique but can be removed anytime as well as being brought back]

A Lot of people think about their inability to create faction base while it is true in terms of difficulty of PWI but there is always a saying "You can turn every pinch into chance" and we are going to offer you the best ways that only those who are capable will be able endure it and execute it.

What are the best ways?

[A] Premium: Obviously using golds
1) Charge gold and trade for in-game coins
2) Through Freelancing, you have to advertise, work and promote your new specialty but not in-game. That can be done on your social layer via faction's site. Do not trade in-game characters or items or services like running dungeons for real money because that is illegal and it might get you banned. However, what you can do is to trade as in means of practice and performance like Affiliations programs from other MMO games or whatsoever relevant to this subject.

[B] Free: Using in-game coins for trade
Through member's joint as fee or scheduled/constant donations at specified date like after nation wars.The most challenging part is to rise the trade within your faction. That can be done with the following
1) One character stand alone on Nation Wars for constant runs in one month or two
2) The quickest way is through paid coins fee of membership. A lot of people may disapprove of it but it isn't illegal because what you do in-game still happens in-game and that is the best way to approach it. It will force members to actively play at least once per month if you to set the fee monthly of course and then that is more like it.
3) Taking the opportunity to grow newbies and their economics then in the process of doing so you can provide them the materials for their gears through trades in-faction like big factions that are using faction-safe for the sake of trading between members.

Faction Recruitment Application
You will have to set
LV Limit.
Re-awakened Requirement.
Faction Stance.

The description schema should be like this.
Small Motto.

You can fill in the information as instructed in this schema and shorten each requirement to 3 Letters or more. Like "PDT" for timezone and rest should be known.
Faction Types
Types of Factions you can set them accordingly
High league, Median League and Null/Growth League

High League:
LV Limit: 102+
Re-awakened Requirement: 2
Faction Stance: PVP.

Median League:
LV Limit: 100+
Re-awakened Requirement: 1
Faction Stance: Neutral.

Null/Growth League:
LV Limit: 80+
Re-awakened Requirement: 0
Faction Stance: Neutral.

Faction Trust&Safety
Naturally Faction Rivals and Exploiters will send from their Faction Spy Or Faction Drifter Or Faction Distorter to your Faction. Each are likely to be no more than Onlookers. Onlookers Or Observers have no damage to Faction as long as The plans, strategies, tactics and the rest have been kept only within the leading legion and as they will be treated as your personnel Infants or mere residents.

Legion in this case will be made of Leader [A must], Director [A must] and First Marshal [Optional]. You must ensure trusting high rankings to your family members, your long-life term associates and finally your colleges in your own personal life. Other than that better not to create any Faction at all or you will meet demise eventually on all sorts you can ever imagine.

If a certain member is facing a certain life issue and want to negotiate the leader or former high rankings for it, then you must arrange sort of mental care that is specifically on articles or links to give them advice to let them overcome their adversaries. If you are to be more involved personally we recommend you for trying to add them on any social layer while providing their real information so there won't be fraudulence involved and you are to be obligated to follow privacy policy terms on each platform as The social layer and The game industry unless you want to be involved anonymously and get packed by another plot twist of fraud and invalid players. If so then there won't be anything to protect you.
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