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Every class includes 2 different kinds of stats. We call them the minimal stat and the pure stat. The Gear stat is the least of requirement yet not relevant to the stats that should be used by the class but fills in the requirement for gear specifications. The pure stat is the best of stat and is required for both the class main stat and gear requirement. We will explain what is the best maximum stat that is required and the rest of points via stats will be poured in the main stat of class.

Pure Melee Classes
Blademaster/Barbarian/Seeker//Edgerunner: [Pure strength]
Gear stat: 55 Dexterity [Based on Rank 9 Gear]
Main stat: Strength [To get most of damage dealing]

Pure Magical Classes
Wizard/Cleric/Venomancer/Psychic/Mystic/StormBringer: [Pure magic]
Gear stat: 54-55 maybe more Strength [Based on Rank 9 Gear]
Main stat: Magic [To get most of damage dealing]

Hybrid Melee Classes
Seeker/Edgerunner [ Pure Strength Invoked with Critical Damage]
Gear/Invoked stat: 80-140 Dexterity [Based on Rank 9 Gear & Invoked build]
Main stat: Strength [To get most of damage dealing]

Rogue Melee Classes
Archer/Assassin/Technician: [Pure dexterity Absolute stat]
Gear/Absolute stat: 105 Strength [Based on Rank 9 Gear & Invoked build]
Main stat: Dexterity [To get most of damage dealing]

Note: We aren't responsible if you follow this guide as it may not suit your character at early levels. Those builds are the top builds which gets to be used with final/end game gears therefore you must make sure that you are considering consequences as you follow them despite the fact you are able to reset stats during re-awakening periods. To validate what we said you can always use [this] and ensure to base your builds on war avatar cards stats. Filling in the gear stat with tomes and war avatar cards stats is the most logical solution to add most of stat points in main stats to get most of damage required. The new 2 classes as Edgerunner and Technician were not tested and only we based in due of their gear type in the same reference and genre with the same gear type of mentioned classes with them.

Stay tuned for any post updates..
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