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Reawakening [Recommendations]
In order to reawaken, your character has to be level 100 and have completed their level 89 Spiritual Cultivation quest (Aware of the Myriad or Aware of the Void). Follow the Reawakening quest from General Summer in southwest Archosaur. The quest will give you the item "Stone of Love·Restoration" to reawaken for the first time.

To reawaken a second time, you will need the second reawakening stone "Stone of Love·Recreation". You can acquire this stone by completing the Reawakening I Quest Chain, with no Boundary level requirements. If you have already completed this quest chain prior to the Wings of Rebirth expansion, you can craft the stone instead which requires the Boundary level of Arcane Sky VI.

You are be to reawakened around:
LVL102 [Recommendation By us as "Less effort for ancient tome"].
LVL101 [Recommendation By people as "Way quicker to level up after stocking one more level"]
LVL100.[Default rebirth level]
Bonus [Reawakening Cause]
First Reawakening [First Rebirth]: EXP X4 For both Quests and Monsters.
Second Reawakening [Second Rebirth] EXP X 3.5 for both Quests and Monsters.

Ancient Tome [Retrieve missing stats]
It helps to build up the missing stats which follows the missing level in each series of reawakening.
In our example if you are to be at reawakening [0] and skipped leveling from level 101 then ancient tome will be obtained as feature and first page represents the reawakening [0] in which you have lost your leveling stats statistically at and that is when you haven't leveled back then at reawakening [0]. On the contrary the same happens when you skip reawakening [1] to reawakening [2] and so the second page will represent the reawakening [1] and will bring you back the missing stats. Moreover the missing states go on with bonuses as well. The mechanism which serves ancient tome to level you up your past levels to retain the missing stats is through the experience that you earn with in-game character and you have the freewill to toggle it actively or not.

Attribute points given per historical level:
100 = 20
101 = 25
102 = 32
103 = 42
104 = 56
105 = 76

Every point you get when you hit LVL 102, 103, 104 and 105. You will only get 5 points each time
on the normal LVL or reawakening [0]. If you reawaken to [1] or [2] then boost the book for hitting 102.

The following bonunses which you earn through reawakening.
7 points for LVL102
10 points for LVL103
14 points for LVL104
20 Points for LVL105

For more information please refer to here.

Special thanks to mtk and atlana for ancient tome guide
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