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Skill are all biased on classification and profession like in any MMO. However, here the complex comes when prioritizing the most beneficial skill books before learning the rest.

Common Skills:
They cost no coins. Normally you don't know what to start by when going to learn any of them so we will explain what should you take by priorities for common Skills.
1) Buff
2) Movement
3) Single target offense skill [Main one]
4) Summons [Optional]
5) AOE- Area of Effect [Last]

Sage/Demon Skills:
You can earn those skills in various ways like in PW Agent NPC or Advanced Endless universe or From other players or From boutique. Those skills are important as they give the meta version of your skills as bonuses and expansion of their abilities or scales in damage or any other value. They are always confusing when choosing between both therefore we will clarify what is best by benefits you earn between both in general term.
1) Damage [Sage's best & Demon's least]
2) Extra Effects [Sage's least & Demon's best]
3) Chi Boost [Sage's best & Demon least]
4) +3 Spark "Small Channeling + Damage" [Sage only]
5) +3 Spark "Small APS as in attack per second" [Demon only]

To summarize:
When the version of your skills concludes the 3 pillars of the those effects then you know that they are the best ones for you. Usually once you grow, you only find the usage of the other version useful as you adept to the game environment and it is mechanics. PW players used to say that "Demon" for PVP and Sage for "PVE". Nope, that isn't the case. Demon skips the chi boost but may grant Extra effects or Good APS. However, Sage skills dominates all fields even when it offers least to extra effects.

Morai skills:
They are the rogue skills supported by orders using both prestige to obtain their tab via supply NPC and influence to purchase them including the coins fee or earning them as exclusive tickets from bidding hall. It is always confusing to diverge between what is most important in all order and what should be learned firstly. There are 2 kinds of skill books for all Morai ordsers.

1. Level 80
2. Level 100

Those 2 different level drag from the easiest to the hardest. Level 80 may include minor skill that must be upgraded to high level skill which is 100 and you can take earthguard as your sample for the case. It is preferable to learn level 80 skills first so this where you start your main order. Later chase after the level 100 skills. Despite the fact they may drop in advanced endless universe.

Primal Skills:
They act skill unification of multiple separate skills or as a change of effect for certain skill and they include extra yet various passives to improve character stats from all aspects. You can get those preferably @Rebirth one through dailies and you can find at Mirror NPC located at the starting village of primal. You must learn them by the following sequence.

Magical class:
1) Main skills if any
2) Skill damage
3) Defense
4) The rest

Melee class:
1) Defense
2) Critical
3) HP
4) Main skills if any
5) The rest

Ranged class:
1) Critical
2) Defense
3) HP
4) Mains skill if any
5) The rest

Homestead skills:
You can assume that they are ultra rare skills and upgrade of both primal and sage/demon skills. To acquire any. You must complete your collect quest-line from homestead and earn material to exchange it west archosaur for farther skills upgrading. You will find it at NPC located nearby vyn the warrior

Glyph Skills: [Source]
They are various and exclusive. They can create whole different effect by different combinations in glyph colors and higher efficiency for stats and skill power for each high level that has been combined. You can earn them in various ways and we will explain how and what level you can acquire of them

Level one glyph at Wang Tsai & Dawnlight Halls
Level four at Charge Rewards & Dawnlight Halls

In order to level Glyph Stones, You can combine them via Glyph menu by pressing the R key in-game and select the Glyph Growth tab at the top then place the demanded Glyph to level at the center. The Glyph stone placed around the central Glyph will be used to feed the central Glyph.

When a player has all six Glyph slots unlocked, they can activate a Glyph bonus by using Glyph on specific skills. When the majority of the skills with Glyph stones belong to one property, then the character will receive that particular property. If the skills of different properties are equal in number then no bonus will be activated.

Bonus of Glyph stones when combined:
Players with Martial Prowess deal 15% more damage to players with Dragon's Might.
Players with Dragon's Might deal 15% more damage to players with Tiger's Rage.
Players with Tiger's Rage deal 15% more damage to players with Martial Prowess.
Players with no Glyph Bonus activated take 5% more damage from players with a Glyph Bonus.
Players with the same property have no damage modifier against each other

Glyph Stones can offer special stats for each class:

You can read regarding the Glyph skills for each [here]
You can check skill books for sage/demon and related skills at [Catacomb]
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