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Best to cards to have are grade A or S. Most importantly that you diverse between them all by the class build as they help to grow the gear stat. You can read [here] to understand what we mean.

Coming around war avatar cards. Most important features to war avatar cards are the following:

1. Nuema = Expansion in stats
2. Card set = Card bonus as in expansion stats altogether within the same set
3. Leadership = More capability to wear harder & higher grade cards with stronger requirement
4. EXP = devouring lower grade card which will level up the desired card to be even more powerful

Choosing the right card set for the right build for the correct class will help to expand class capability especially if accompanied with level 5-6 Tome.

Regarding all information related to War avatar cards system, you can read [here].

Stay tuned for new updates on this post. We may include more guides for future reference.
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