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Boutique is your seasonal e-shop. Naturally all are reliant on charge unless funded by the e-currency "Gold" from e.g-currency "Coins".

Game developer often put packs which are Trade-able on sale. The sales naturally go on different patterns.
1) Brand new sales never existed before in boutique
2) Discounted items that were once expensive.
3) Redistributed items with gift as bonus to them,

Charge Reward:
It can grant reward points from a selected table linked from ARC Forums or news posts on one of the lines. Specifying the conditions per charge. Naturally 1 gold charge = 100 Reward points. You can claim rewards upon charging. The rewards that you claim are bound and won't be traded unless you choose the packs option to claim. This will go to your mailbox if claimed.

Spend Reward:
It can grant you spend rewards which are naturally going to be Non-Trade-able. They go through different tiers upon your spending ratio on boutique. Naturally like 20 gold spend = ocean dragon orb non-trade-able. The more you spend the merrier the better. Each gold spend counts for total sum that each tier will grant you from rewards. This will go to your mailbox automatically so ensure to empty the mailbox.

First time charger yet spender reward:
Banquet of time-limited rewards or small rewards will suffice for first timer-buyer but the more first time spends the better rewards items will be granted from the accumulated golds. Naturally like 20 gold spend = series of first timely reward will be grant.This will go to your mailbox automatically in great amount and slowly so ensure to empty the mailbox. Read more [here]

The more gold you earn on the current account, the more points you earn to reach specific VIP star.
The more VIP stars earn, the better access you earn in boutique purchases for star items that strand from star 1 till star 6 with special features served with the star which you wield. Read more [Here]

Trade between players:
Players usually take the opportunity during boutique sales and purchase the packs for 2 different situations.
1- For having disposable money so they can gamble with small amount of money on packs with risk-taking to earn even more valuable items to achieve profits.
2- For stocking the packs and make it salable during seasons that they aren't available at anymore.

Trade schemes:
The natural trade between players. Players habitually in any MMO or in old PWI Standards increase the prices when the quantity increases by 20% and the opposite is true. However, there are Players like mumble-jumbles who quickly strike the price instantly as 50% - 80% and that is when you know the price which is for sale will be a scam. There are also rewards which are potentially sold at their full price when they shouldn't be for having great quantity at marketplace & competitors so do not waste time around those as well. Taking example in Graceful Antelope which is being sold around average price 25m, someone may irrationally sell it for 50m in full price or they will discount it only till 40m, Those vendors know nothing about trade and they eventually suffer selling their items for a long time. At this stage better purchase the mount around 10-15m as long as the quantity is all around of course.
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