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Tired of the loathsome guides and useless advises which get you nowhere? Tired of translating people's languages to determine best resolve and option for each situation goes and comes by? Append no more to your disgraces and your desperate bargains you go by. We are offering suite of different situations and their solutions.

How many accounts should you register?
3 at minimum and if you are willing for more, I tell you that you are sending your computer to the frying pan,

What class should you go-by? Why so?
Assassin all the way because they have incredible attack per second, capable to fend off in multiple dungeons, can level up on their own through constant runs in frostcovered city even though hyper EXP is disabled and bring you most decent drops of hardest bosses in short-termed time especially their stealth skill ease up to skip most of unwanted bosses and monsters, what else do you need? Herein after you can grow your favorite main character and strengthen it using dual clients with your very own assassin.

Inventory issues? Worry no more, you are aware that inventory brings a lot of trouble but most noted point always the items you have are material type and for that we have the ultimate solution. You can bring cupboard items using 40 token of luck for 1 cupboard item which offers around 8 slots and the same goes for your fashion, you will need wardrobe item.

Economic issues? Now let me get into some real deal and business. Best grinding and income will always be fended off bat through plans and material selling. Do your quests and all plans regarding leveling up. Approach level 60 and start nation war even though you know that you are going to be "easy kill", You are always useful to take place in conquering the zones that are left behind to earn supply tokens.

No good gear? Your best free gear will be Gear tier 16 and that is 3rd cast nirvana. Never think on getting any good or bad gears unless you are level 100. Meaning that you are going to rally on your best quest gear and any given gear at any circumstance. Once you are level 100, the game is over as you will not get to do anything else other than waiting for double season in other words what they call "X2 Event". You get most of drops through grinding doubled, your best approach is Twilight Temple runs on 3-3.
Advanced and Organized

Accounts Num: 3
Grinding class: Assassin

First: Your choice If magical then the rest must be magical.
Second : Your assassin with other melee characters.
Third: Your buffing, shop and item keeping characters.

Fashion -> Token of luck x40 -> Wardrobe stone [Preferable for main character of first account]
Materials -> token of luck x40 -> Cupboard stone [You will use third account]

PW Exchange Agent will give you quest to expand your bank cupboard spots and unlock your inventory locked tab for wardrobe fashion.

'Fashion' tend to be stored only via main character and shared among other characters as worn items so don't keep any in their bank/inventory.
'Materials' will be stored on different characters via third account

3rd account characters are specialized at different keeping professions:
1st: Skill books keeper
2nd: Twilight&Lunar material keeper
3rd: Herbs keeper
4th: Low-Tier crafting materials keeper
5th: Sales for shop keeper.

Nation war constant runs with supply tokens. Supply tokens as average price for 100 is around 1 million Both fee and profit which means you need at least 1 million to fund the fee to get 1 million back plus the profit with another 1 million.

Once you reach level 100 with your assassin, ensure to get all gear set you can ever have. If you aren't capable to play actively enough, consider joining the game around nation war time to fund enough money to purchase the whole set from another player or grind them during double seasons.

Note: As you grind them during double season, you may need a contact with crafting skill around level 7 for Twilight Temple 99 gold set or Level 6 for first and second cast [Quench] nirvana . You can get the materials of raptures and uncanny through nation war's supply tokens all for free but the fee counts in.

Stay tuned this post may be updated in soon future.
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