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Why is "FireLords" being hated so much?
They hate us for granting freedom that can kill their conspiracies and schemes meanwhile we have been busy growing our beloved members. We leave everyone to take whatever belief or ideology to lead their selves in our faction because not everyone gonna have the perfect growth or perfect implementation of interaction that we picture for them or for ourselves. FireLords has been involved in 4 different fields and they go as following:

1. Meddling with guild leaders to support them from different plot twists by sadists after being granted the permission to assist them then turning their backs to us as result they sent war declaration so we sent back and forth then ended all declarations when all parties cooled down. [That is why we get war/hostile declarations]
2. Meddling in trade, taking advantage over G15 crafts and earning huge sum of rewards from charge rewards. [That is why we are called scammers]
3. Meddling in public channel such as world chat and stealing the light spot from the shady players who do nothing but insult or use profanity 24 hours.[That is why they said we care for numbers when we recruit on world chat]

1. Growing the newbies based on mindful sentiments without feeding them trifles or false beliefs with open arms and we grant them complete freedom. [That is why they said we have beef with them]
2. Settling conflicts between contacts and other individuals to prevent huge mayhem may have occurred or was about to occur. [That is why they said our leaders are the worst]
3. Building blogger to help the faction firstly then being forced to share the blogger URL via public channel to prevent infraction and false advertising. [That is why they said our blogger is a scam link]

1. Rating factions in a [post] after taking the permission from the majority of leaders then being forced to include other factions whom involved their selves to intimidate, hate and attack our members. Including abuse and bully sessions in multiple cases [That is why they accuse us for slandering]
2. Constant reports to all those who violate the term of service using inappropriate languages, names and fabricate reputations, frame truth through impersonation and cause trouble across the whole server especially against our faction [That is why they constantly complain about name changes or any regard to us despite the fact they have been reported as well by other parties but they just want to blame us for hate sake]
3. Shedding the truth in that post about Player's behavior to prevent most of victims despite labeling that the post is only and merely our experience and our vision of truth yet it has been taken as offense and crudeness because of their incapability to receive more victims. [That is why they hate us for absolutely no reason]

1: We recruit the newbies and returners especially those that are thrown in the middle of the conflict without care or concern by the majority of factions since they are busy with profanity, sexual content and fashion showdowns or brainwashing individuals of their trifles [That is why they said we are full of alternative characters]
2. We have long experience from different MMO games and especially PW on multiple private servers long time ago with a lot of good contacts so we are able to be independent [That is why they said we are outcasts and will try anything to make us join their umbrella to put us in their control]
3. We are using blogger, social layer and a lot of information plus gold charges monthly. Despite being strong free to play players we also know how to use the minimum of cash to receive huge bonus during the game play so we grow tremendously. [That is why they call us thieves]

Do we force our ideology on people?
No, we don't do that but maybe other factions do so and that may have been the reason they lose members. We didn't force our ideologies on our members. Our members were the ones who ran the guild. We leaders forced our ideology in rules to secure the guild but the freedom and interactions were always the same like everywhere else in other MMO fields but on a very morale and respectful concept as they should be.

Why does "FireLords" recruit only mains?
Because we don't want to cause our members insecurity and it is viable for members who know nothing about the game to be first goal. That is the common sense in every MMO unless you are unaware of how MMO game works.

Why does "FireLords" lose their members and under what circumstance?
No, we don't lose members. We lose member rarely because we love our members and they do the same for us. In fact the member who leave the guild are the bored taunters who tried to join the guild for the sake of their entertainment but we fail their goal so they automatically leave all by their selves or We kick characters known as "duds" for any certain inactivity known only to officers or We get already overgrown member with their character that want to see more content that what we can't approach since we are still small faction and growing one so they leave to become stronger in other factions.

Why don't I see "FireLords" on the territory Map?
Because we are growing faction and we need to use PVE content firstly to ever think about PVP. That doesn't mean necessarily that we are avoiding any PVP challenges we only do PVP in contests and any content which authorize or reward for it like Nation war or with our own contacts to avoid any sort of discrimination or sadism or improper game challenging.

Why the heck have I heard bad rumors of "FireLords" clashing with other people or factions?
Because we have been going through numerous unbelievable situations and for that we have taken extreme measures yet crude ones to defend our selves and ward off the hate which involves invalid text and vulgarity. We aren't excused for whatever you heard about us. However, we have done what we know best.

Do you think "FireLords" and their members will meet the dignified image you decorate for it?
Well, we are focused on game objective only. There have been cases for people who don't meet our requirement. Most of them have been at discomfort since nobody wanted their help. However, the rest that didn't really know anything about game felt that they were part of us. Initially they left their guilds to join ours for the sake of learning about game. Our guild made the image which didn't discriminate between anyone nor dishonor anyone's lack of knowledge. We help each other not based on trifles like being reliant on virtual self-made family more than biological family or any certain invalid beliefs.

Do you have many alternative avatars in your faction "FireLords" ?
We have few characters in guild around 2-3 per officer in case they want to help guild with them and the rest of storage characters are out of guild.

Do you use bots or auto scripts or any certain 3rd parties?
No, we don't use 3rd party at all. The avatars seem organized because we choose suitable time and message leaving around 10-20 minutes for every 2-3 messages.

What is your activity time?
There are numerous days when we aren't active at all but 4-6 hrs per day and there are days we stay logged in during the week.

Why do "FireLords" start offending out of blue and cause problems out of nowhere but once they are attacked and questioned they act all mature more than all MMO and servers combined?
Interesting question. Well that is the case in certain situations and in others it isn't. "Our objective to stay objective to the objective" that what we always used to say and represent. We start "statement" contains much of truth yet crude to others and BAM! We are getting hooks around our necks so that is how we are offending, It isn't like you will expect any individual to be mindful enough to reconsider any statement we start as debate and won't feel hurt about it. One individual feels targeted and once they see that we are making callous action then they call for the rest of horde to throw the invalid text in numerous ways because they know nothing but to cause feud and dispute. When we see what we stated brings a lot of poor minds around that are unable to be morale and constitute their intentions we simply say "Okay we stop it here and let's be the big boys" that way we ward off the feud which has started initially on the hands of others. In this case it is best to lay silent at this point and move on to further development or better place where our statements aren't considered to be "vulgar" enough to them. Nevertheless it is their problem, their business and their health. Let them feel free to waste them away and consider hostile relations all for the rest of their lives without developing their selves to a better image.

To summarize:
The server was full of hateful people when we visited it in first place. In fact they found us as an entertainment to fuel their "hype", "hormones" and "senseless grudge". That is why they are friendly with each other now as they found new target to blame for their incompetence and lack of maturity but if we never come to this server, you are already aware of how much they will chop each other as eyesores and worst foes to each other. You can read what we mean [here]. People are always scared or hateful toward those that can show better nature or better performance than what they can bid their selves therefore they throw their hooks. Be it fraudulent or not. They continue as long as we are relentless and unshakable. We have better manual character control over our characters since we used to play different MMO games that much we may be considered by teens or underage as good as alienated entities for controlling characters with such cleverness and challenging by the game code more than social standards. Rather than rushing to conclusions and believing in what people say since their information is completely unreliable as mentioned above. Come and ask FireLords their selves. We won't be able to tell every single human what kind of stance and for what reason we have taken our measures. Instead come to ask us by yourself or find out the truth for yourself. Don't just think because you heard a rumor or two from a close college or contact or whoever you recognize that they are also able to imply any truth to you.
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