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The whole server is full of players who stayed addict to the game's methodology and vulnerability in gaming system for great amount of years of their lives. It is confirmed after multiple studies that game systems can always be abused in numerous ways. Leading the sick minds to take approach to it's own usage and abuse it over their targets. Initially any grown up or teenager won't make difference to you because the mindset is almost identical that it can't seize to surprise you with the IQ level that each individual developed during their hatching process. When I refer to hatching process I mean that development in itself is like a hatching bird egg. Not much of progress possessed as the intellect level is disappointing. Normally every MMO can develop one's psyche abilities and mental strength but there is only the drain and that is only your gain so you can imagine how intimidating is that. How intimidating that game logarithm and logic that should surprise even the brightest of teachers yet the logic in each individual of players wasn't met as expectations would proceed.

1- First of those vulnerabilities was the open PVP zone which would let a player with high level to meddle with low level quest-line. In fact as the server status was PVP setup, Game developer should have made leveling up character and growing one as instant as private server was but the problem solved by prioritizing PVE status and toggling PVP as optional choice.
2- The freedom in world chat. It gives so much pressure, lack of control and unreliable constraint of text. Anyone can frame, abuse and warn anyone without being caught for it. Even spamming world chat can occur without limitation. There are no forced message posting for trade, hyper linked invitations for squads and not even organized recruitment message.
3- Influencing the loots. Each time you gain gear power or gain huge sum of coins, marketplace is always at the tip of your finger. You are the only one who gets the sort of those items and you can be the only one who set them at highest price or lowest price. Who cares? After all you are the master of your product.

[The General Idea in PW's Game-Play]
In attempt to gain top place, As player you must get a top gear to be praised and respected by the majority. This has been running for years now. Why so? The gear is the very concept which lets you tank or solo most of dungeons for players that are inferior to the very leading player unit. This has been happening in each MMO but on small scale. In PW, it is the main concept for the entire walk-through. This has been allowing player to abuse game mechanic and it is own system to their advantage. Maintaining their very own domain and zone in-game to influence the rest of players. Likely this will generate temptations to players and lead them to have sort of God-complex. Once they pull the word, it is like they are telling other players to pull the sword. As hilarious as it seems, they make it like they worship any player with best gear of end-game content since they cannot undergo a progress of game-play on their own. This applies to both Free-to-Play and Pay-to-Win players though those terms aren't necessary anymore since the free player can feed their selves on the funds of another accomplished player whether they are premium or free.

Nowadays any faction which wants to be top faction, Any leader can abuse the system mechanic by inviting all accomplished players while cracking the balance of game-play and causing vulnerability to smaller factions. Small factions won't have any mastery nor advantage to run any dungeon at any level and they won't have much of choice but to wait to gain all restrains and get scared of bigger factions with better geared characters since they can blackmail them or threaten them or frame them as easily as it gets. No matter how tender, kind and even the most hearty faction as long as they don't participle and work by the validity of the game principles, they are laymen and won't likely do what really it takes to be in competition. They all are bound to follow in the foot of the strongest because PW is like jungle and In jungle the survival is for the fittest. We saw in many different games that developers have created sort of limitation to guild power and including a feature to tweak the power rate for each character inside the guild so not every guild will have all the strong players for their selves. However, that isn't the case in PW. Not to mention that if all factions are in agreement because they have "Friends" or "Allies" or "Family" , they will give a hard time for newborn or old restored factions to start their raids. Those terms of "We are family/allies/friends" are delusional and they scam mostly kids with it while teaching them to rebel against their own real families by their bad habits and corruption they wield especially when it is all done on social-layers like Discord. Even Discord can't assure the safety of children. Don't believe in their context and claims. They can make it as believable as it gets just to strand you down in-game and they will assume that they miss you under any sorts of tendency because they can't undergo their game play progress on their own. That what happens always to game addicts. Any leader or officer can also spring lies to their members just to make their selves in a better image than other rival factions. Maintaining image in MMO is an important concept for leaders or officers to create diplomacy with bigger factions to have support to access the advanced content so they can proceed with their game progress but it is reliant if they will take valid measures to it or invalid ones.

For members there are 2 types:

The laymen can do anything even abusing leaders their selves that you will hear how much leader can't take decision on their own and letting their members decide for them so imagine if those members are the one who can be hardly trusted and the leader isn't the leading kind. They can easily trend the leader in their baits about family and not family standards as mentioned before.

Hard-worker can do everything to stay honest, true and focused in their game-play. In the very least they will mind their business the most. They will take tasks, they will ask leaders to lead and will teach leaders to lead if they aren't the leading kind.

1) Marriages
Do not fall to the temptation of Pixel. You can be very young and easily seduced to sexual content which can deprive you from your gaming objective and growth of your character. Especially that marriage system is another deal which can be abused. There are a lot of debates and talks about such subject. Most importantly that you avoid those who keep telling you the beauty of your Female Pixel character and handsomeness of your male Pixel character. Avoid these people as they intend to do nothing but waste funds, time and game objective. They are taking their time to entertain their selves on your accountancy and they aren't elegant nor decent in the very least. They wanted even same sex marriage as male to male and female to female marriage. You can call people like that as "Animals" though that animals can differ between their genders on better level. Especially when most of them are already in relationship in their homeland and yet they execute such fragile and malice interactions. They can even make your character as wife or husband and dump them as spare of socks. Do not fall for it no matter how sweet it is and ensure to establish such game feature for your real couple more than anything else. We saw a lot of people like that and they disgust the majority we know.

2) Friendship
Do not get fooled by the tendency of other players. No player helps another player unless there is in it a profit. It isn't family relevant nor love nor anything in whatsoever claims they will throw at you. Only the immature and teen will fall for it. It is always okay if it is done under play-mate concept as player to player but growing relations because a guy helped you to kill a game boss in middle of nowhere? I mean that is overrated or because a female winks with virtual smile you will fall in love with her Pixel character? That is another gibberish thing to fall for. It isn't kindness that control such relations but rather greed and malicious desires. Logical interactions are always respected and comprehensible. Hate, grudge, love and kindness all these sorts can be valid only for competition sake as long as it doesn't involve abuse or bully.

3) Family relations
Do not get to believe family members that are addicts and in their schemes. A family member may ask you or tell you to play with them the game while initially they are harming your education or your job by obligating you to help complete randoms in a faction you don't even know a dim about and they claim they are your friends or family or allies while in fact they want to serve them because they are their own pals. It is something very common in every MMO prospect. Never believe in any virtual terms. Your reality's interactions and priorities are more important than your virtual interactions and game's priorities.

4) Racism
Do not concern yourself about what they define the origin of your birthplace. The server had filled with the current generation of players with drunkards, sluts, incompetent, sassy loons and virtual addicts. They chase after the virtual and Pixel nudes more than their virtual shiny gears. Let your actions and leadership define your mandatory. Do not be racist toward anyone and do not concern yourself by anyone's racism. They don't deserve to judge anything nor they deserve to exist in first place in such marvelous online game. They are just rubbish on the way. Set to be entertained with and dumped in the mid-way.

5) Scam
Anyone can scam anyone for the sake of scam. Less than half of the server mentioned the innocence of the whole server though that wasn't a mindful claim since there no such thing as complete innocence. The point wasn't only stealing coins but committing the scam to be scammer. It was lovely to them. Given example We tried to see a fashion seller who would trade with us wraithtouched fashion full set red for any fashion or for good money but there was a full black High Admiral fashion set by specific seller and in truth it was a fixed color in appearance for completely different color. Complete insensitivity, He didn't apologize or warn at least. He was rich enough though to fund himself with the game content yet just yet he didn't comply to say the truth and traded it out. After giving him the fashion, we went for another alternative character and bought it back for 25 million worth of fashion. He couldn't even notice if it was the same customer of the same automated message in private channel because all what his mind occupied by was the scam he was committing. For such example you come to realize that the server isn't innocent. If one small scam occurs like that and we hear multiple others then the server definitely isn't innocent.

6) Deception
Framing is an abusive side of the game where a group can volunteer on the other individual or group accusations or bad reputation for something they have never done. They are waiting for any little to happen just to erase their rivals or danger participants that can threaten their profit by their existence alone or for the sake of entertainment. Simply all actions will always be taken in accord to remove someone they dislike. You could be accused for adding somebody to a friend-list who is known to nobody. You could be attacked because you side with people they dislike and they would tell you to deal with the consequences they were planning to apply to them and now they will include you in their agenda. Another example a reader of this blogger claimed on public channel in-game that we would take them as "racists" for absolutely no reason and claimed upon their selves by absolutely no reason that we would give them other titles because once we initially find them doing anything small that we would have no absolute tolerance and we would accuse them on empty whims since they involved their selves or spilled out some plain text. In fact they only wanted to claim that to decisive people to think we were just tyrants while we were writing all articles as any game-reporter would do and they wanted us to give them other titles so we would look bad in front of the majority. If you would ask them for truth, they wouldn't of course be honest with you in the slightest. If it was as easy as it comes to figure people's honesty just by asking away or reading their minds, we wouldn't need add to term of liar to any native language nowadays. The only way to determine the truth from lie and the opposite all through experience. There will be always one side everyone can stand by and that is only for people who want to be honest and virtuous. If they don't find the truth by that time, they either lack vigilance to research deep enough or simply they let the wrong individuals feed them with feuds and lies.

7) Defamation
That has been a natural context on this server. Every one defames each other as reflection of their loss, influence, position, popularity and wealth especially when it comes for abusing game content by limiting access to the loots. Like in warsong there was a drop for Rank 9 mystic weapon. The player in party was sort of carrying in-game's grudge against us therefore he decided to pick the drop so we just wouldn't get it at all. Spoiling the profit for squad's leader and the customer who came to purchase the mold. Now here comes another fact. When faction recruits or rather grow tremendously, they will make sure to distort their progress by any intervenes possible. The best they can do is to defame a faction which has best of cooperation or strong leader or powerful faction. Anyone can create deception, scam and even racism as mentioned in the titles above. However, can you believe that they want even to defame each other? Now you get to understand how much lowly can an individual reach for the lack of their competence. As a hopeless leader you are out of options therefore you plunge to defend what you can or the other way around which calls for invalidity and that is by defaming another guild that isn't your own, As leader VS leader. Rivalry might be included with emotional insecurity for measure loss like losing the advantage over content to abuse it is own loots or recruitment or member count in general. As such a leader takes action even in pretense to behave with personality they aren't also to represent their ego and determination or resolve to secure their faction influence. It is a known tactic for every strategic leader but it can be also invalid. The invalidity calls for a ruckus behavior accompanied with riot and loathe. The tragic thing to happen on their own end that they quit by people's hate and indulgence. Especially if their real information were to be exposed and used to bully them over. What as well helps such invalidity is being a pioneer player who first come to server therefore you take the whole lot of attention as they say "First come, first served". Now imagine if that top notch pioneer player is just another sadist or selfish player in general.You know the outcome. The ones who follow will make sure to follow so they don't lose their profit even if it takes to execute invalid actions especially therefore they take the game seriously enough as "Second life" and we call them the elites. They will aid the pioneer player or rather the prime player no matter what and who is below them will make sure to embrace them despite it is part of their will or not. The prime player and elites get to judge people, they act with god-complex and once they have been exposed. As result they panic and show their riot. For such actions absolutely no-one wants to be involved with them and for that reason they will always follow the leading armada like the bunch of sheep. We can't blame them after all they came for the entertainment and entertainment in their definition is the rejoice of the artistic, material and fame features more than calibration, combat and valid growth for the entire community. The misconception entertainment is what leading the followers to pledge to anyone even to the filthy ones.

8) Jealousy & Obsession
Jealousy is the source of ego for all we know that we can blend it under invalid term but it has proven as well as source of self-esteem to improve one's progress. As such it can also lead to intercept other one's progress. Be it reality or in-game. All are music to ears and each rhythm pleads to more possibilities. Such as scheming enough to kill an entire guild not because it is based on virtuous moral or principle but because they are bored or because they got sort of mentality that they hate to be looked down upon. Such confidential interpretation has been happening everywhere else and that leads to total annihilation or complete withdrawal based on failure in accomplishing complete offense against threatened targets to justify their actions or just to prove their criteria of their point of view regardless of the damage inflicted. The obsession is a remarkable foe not only for the target but the wielder himself. When you are obsessed, you can't get out of control like a drug's addiction so you keep attacking on public channels with random jokes or picking on whoever in front of you seizing to be out of control and overdo it until everyone else hates you or misunderstand you. Both elements are happening in PWI and each second some say something they can't stomach. They rush to send the offense message. That is why PWI won't be in great shape and again it will be another game to die in future since nobody comes to this game unless in it a real strong reason.

[Delusional Game-play]

Player versus Player {PVP}
They tell you that "The game is all about Player versus player in danger zone!" and "You must people kill other players to gain respect" Preposterous. Their trifles are nothing but laughable jokes. Desperate attempts to make you believe in their terms and drag you to forget PVE content since they have accomplished their progress already. Presumably they didn't even read the game lore nor quest-line which has been filled with both wisdom and advises. They aren't real players nor original ones. They want you to take the bait and punch you for each stress or boredom their families or contacts or in-game mates or colleges have given them. For their incompetence they can do anything for being incomplete in personality or lack importance of their selves. PVP is meant for arenas, measure events and represents your progress versus progress of other players. An indication of competition and championship. Those were and still are the main principles of game-play. However, they still continue at it and they cry for "Why they have lost the game against worthless peeps?" Or "Why are they even existent in game to begin with?". They question their selves as if it is their error while in fact the intention to play the game is for entertainment to begin with.

Player versus Environment {PVE}
Do not collide yourself with people who tell you how to progress your game-play in their accord. Do not help other players in accord of your game-play. Lead players to teach their selves and Do not teach the players to ask to mimic your playing style. Write guides, direct them to know what they should do but do not cheat and don't teach them cheating. Do not share with them your funds and teach them how to gain their funds. Most of guilds are getting their good reputation because they share free items, gears and even funds leading even the worthless player to have end-game gear and waste it away by their fragility and lack of class mastery. After this you hear all good news because they are happy for free-loading on factions they have joined. At one point or another you can share minimum of funds to help players to undergo investment. Teach them how to trade. Teach them how to craft. Most of factions as well don't teach those things to leave the players in their favor and in their bargain to continue influencing them and once they offend any other faction they encourage the players to offend the factions as well.

Server Migration {SM}
From the looks, the behavior, the attitude, the impressions, the tone and the text of their patterns accompanied with the experience gained through interaction. When Lost city server was standalone, we had all sorts of bullies and vulgar players. When you look back then, it had been bad experience but the PVP had the brutality and it was giving the touch for teddy bears to scare them away forcing them to be in their highest morale. On the other side the sanctuary filled up with teddy hearts that wouldn't afford PVP brutality and would rather take slaying monsters as their biggest accomplishments! In other MMO games you find players with the real core and fandom of game that bother to read the lore and quest-line stories but PW isn't the same case so definitely neither of both servers carried the true core of players yet the lost city players had the real thrill of PVP much better than sanctuary players in the least manner given. However, when server was migrated into one collision that created both animosity and discrimination. It seemed that sanctuary players were afraid that lost city players would take over the newborn server Twilight Temple's rankings and that sanctuary players would follow in their footsteps forcefully. The activity was the biggest essence and most playing-role there to unite both sides. Lost city players of the brutal nature and thrill for PVP left the server in hurry since there was no excitement for them anymore as the server is PVE as priority and optionally as PVP they were led to quit at their own end. The Sanctuary players were the sort of teddy bears and since they got the chance they pilled up most of factions and the leftover of lost city players joined them along since the activity was the most fearsome enemy than sanctuary players their selves. That created comfort and peace upon all factions to prolong at one point or another. They had the freedom to spread family invalid ideology, relationship scheme and so on to play by the newbie or returner's minds with such belief. They believe that it is now bright and beautiful but the dark side of truth will be always existent despite the lies and delusions they spread. If you to offend one faction or one of their members or just poke a little on your end or include even a single dry and disliked word and they will definitely start the tyranny, the grudge and get as violent as they can get . Since they have no fears from PVP availability and to prove their selves being natural players the leaders with no thrill nor interest in PVP, they were forced to play along and got the best of gear to definitely strand down the funky ideas of PVP withdrawn to them instead of just saying "No I don't PVP" and reject like anyone should do.

Note: This article doesn't represent anyone but FireLords long experience in MMO fields, that is an exemplification of those who really have done wrong to the game-play and communities. If you are to hear any bad rumors and all bad misconceptions about us then read our bargain for what FireLords really is. That is another general idea of why MMO games are terminated and PWI might share the same fate as the premium players will be decreasing in their count the next few years. Not to mention that there is PWI mobile version now so staff won't be obligated as much for the desktop version.

To summarize:
All what you have read so far is a reference to a common invalidity that each MMO shares but Twilight Temple US West server does have the biggest representation for it. You can read [here] as well for most relevant accumulation.

Stay tuned there may be future updates for this post.
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