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#14433679 Oct 11, 2020 at 05:18 PM
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[Twilight Temple US West Server TimeZone]

Event EXP X3 Drops X2 Money X2:

Event Spend Reward:

Event Charge Reward:

Charge Gold Bonus:

Palette of Fortune Seek Treasure Event

Boutique Sale Offer:

Event Daily Login Reward:
Note: Ensure to login all characters on the same account to get rewards in mailbox per character!

Redeem Codes through Website or ARC Client:
Jones' blessing: 0N3OeVPo & O'Malley blessing: kF3S8zKE
[Were added on arc forum "here" / Redeemable: Infinitely]

Note: There has been news regarding free 10 gold for everyone on their emails via ARC accounts. The account must be subscribed via newsletters to become enlisted for rewards.

Special Thanks to mtk.

Note: Codes are now available for 2020.
For more promotion codes please visit [here]

Want the best newbies faction to join and most trustworthy? Less dramatic but effectively helpful? Look no more and read [here] for what you seek. Also you can read [here] to avoid bad factions and real bad people in case you dislike our ratting and find it as one sided.

Don't forget to check CrayWolf sales in commission shop and to view our lighter shops @coordinates 525, 657
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