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Perfect world international is one of old MMO games ever released since July 2005. The MMO games have been very primitive back then so PW has topped the rankings among-st MMO games for it is own graphic and fantasy models. However, as any kind of MMO, it was the starting line long ago, it came out with a lot of vulnerabilities, One of them was the delusional game-play and it was the end-game objective. Misleading players of an intention of actual game play as advanced system for regular PC games. Moreover it had been nothing but a big amusement park and there wasn't any initiative to ever get the game completed with the popular finale line "Game Over" As such the attachment over such MMO weights over the concern for realism and it became an extraordinary escapism. As it may sound very tempting for mentally challenged players. Not all things sound as they seem to be. In reality this MMO game had turned out to brawling zone type with best gear styles and nudity fashion showdowns which invites for sexting and pedophilia. Now what is your real choice for such Incompetency & Impermanence? Want to join an open world fantasy game? Want to challenge dungeons, trade complex and face the ordeals that are sailed ahead of you like the rest of addicts? Then that is your place. However. bare in mind we fairly will enlist both pros and cons.

1- Trade Complex
2- Social Possibilities Unexpectedly
3- Mega brawling for both PVE and PVP
4- Numeral Features.
5- Tactical Skill Casting.
6- Good Support as long as you pay.

1. Irrational Market Pricing.
2. Lack of Bully Restrictions.
3. Unfair Competition and Rewarding.
4. Lore Deprive and Misconception of Genre.
5. Lack of Economics and Real-Time / Constant Fraudulence.
6- Bad Development
7- EULA Violations

Valid Player Types
1. Objective Players.
2. Help donors.
3. Direct associates.

Invalid Player Types:
1. Grievers.
2. Plot Twisters.
3. Scammers.
4. Mentally Challenged Players.
5. System Exploiters.
6. Irrational Whales.
7. Defamers.

For more information read [here] & Visit us at official site We have data about the whole lot of them in our database. Join us to stay safe and to play fair.

If you have joined the game already then make sure to support our Petition of Justice

"FireLords Variant Strives - PWI Verse" has been released in Egypt & Poland exclusively on RXL-Realms official site. It will include all involved parties within story as fictional characters. It may include the real avatar names which participated in numerous events at PWI. We advise anyone who played the role of bully or EULA Violators to change their avatar names especially the storyline in e-book will be released in other countries soon. It is blazing time for FireLords Nation. Watch out danger potentials you are in our play-ground now.
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