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Daily Association Mission Rewards March 2019

New Daily Association Mission Rewards Boxes for March 2019Daily Reward Box 1 v2 (250 adventurer EXP to unlock) 25 Adventurer Association Seal (was 50 in February) 200 Labyrinth Mana Fragment (was 400 in February) 100 The spark of a disaster (was 2...
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Secret Fragment Locations - March 2019 Spring Event [Tawariel's Post]

During the March Spring Event 2019...20 Secret Fragments can be found with dowsing in the following locations once per account. The fragments can be placed in the account storage but cannot be traded with other players.#1: Jackson Watermill at hid...
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Heroes Article Guide [Tawariel's post]

Heroes Article Guide Introduction How to unlock the system User interface integration First time collection vs. second time collection A List of all Heroes Articles, the passives they provide and how to obtain them Item rewards 1. IntroductionHero...
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