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LordDragonoid / Aug 19, 2018
FireLords was first founded in 2012 in online game called Perfect World International via Lost City server.The foundation of FireLords was created by 2 users, a leader and an old in-game sponsor. This guild wants to establish it is own name by competing against top guilds in different games and become the ultimate elite guild that none has ever seen.The management of guild has been always known to grow newbies onto real in-game warriors to win the challenges for FireLords however the sad fact that FireLords never achieved a success due to incompetence of the members because they are either ditching the leaders and officers or they go inactive all by sudden or they become very demanding to leaders for their activity and free contributions/loots although that leaders are active enough and gifting enough already. Ever since the guild stayed inactive for long long long time and only 2 individuals left behind in the end forming the guild with chances of revival in different mmo games but they all were nil and they have failed. For that they have decided to keep guild formed but inactive in case somebody will join and all of that will change.They are hoping for new members to join and not actually to be left behind again for the sake of another guild but rather they need at least the guild to be fully well, alive and active therefore they can spare the guild's missing numbers by the the current activity they have achieved so in other words they want members to join in great numbers that even if a guild member happen to leave the guild, this won't effect guild influence nor it is competition in mmo games.


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