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General Networks!

Official [Warning: not all regions are allowed, there are also down-times for maintenance and this where you find password for discord]

Patron [Official news for RXL virtual organization and it is development]

GuildTag [Alternative to shivtr and all dues]

Enjin [Alternative to shivtr and all dues]

MMO Networks

Facebook [For annual announcement or daily important Reddit topics]

Wikia [All important information regarding FireLords] Note: the rest of content on Official site

Petition Note: For noble and well-being humans

Discord [Private text server and protected by password which exists on Official site and this site pre-registration for forum access] Note: this can have exempt content

Steam Group [Joining our group means you are ready for LAN and relevant MMO Games]

Steam Curator [Following our curator means you approve that games we point out are of value more than your personal games and other curator's games]

RXL Blogger [Tips, guide, blessing codes, events, news, FAQ and agenda for bad-users mentions]

Recruit forms

Google Form

Formal apology and requests for erasing from database for bully cases will happen at:
A- GuildTag Forum
B- Google Form [Preferable]

Amino [Recommended If you are using android and can't use shivtr] Note: this can have exempt content

We have fulfilled our promise and If you are receiving error or forbidden ensure to inform us via

Note: The bully cases and knowledge bases are all stored. You will only get to know where they are located via Official site. You will have to count on your luck for that. However, only official members have access to it.